rob van dam

5 Star Wrestling is putting together a massive tournament and needs as much star power as possible. They offered CM Punk $1 million dollars to come in and work for them. The latest issue of The Observer notes that the offer certainly turned attention toward 5 Star Wrestling. But, apparently tampering is a foreign concept to them because CM Punk is currently under contract with UFC and wouldn’t be allowed to do any pro wrestling gigs unless he was explicitly given permission.

News broke recently that CM Punk had accepted 5 Star Wrestling’s offer and will participate in the 128-man tournament. It wasn’t long after that when an official announcement was made saying that was all a hoax.

But one thing that isn’t fake news is the fact that Rob Van Dam has signed on to participate in the tournament for 5 Star Wrestling.

It will be awesome to see RVD perform his 5 Star Frog Splash for 5 Star Wrestling. It will be almost poetically appropriate. We’ll have to see how far into the tournament he lasts, but Rob Van Dam is going to be throwing his hat in the ring for the 128-man tournament this summer.

Speaking of summer, WWE’s biggest party of the summer is coming back the the Barclays Center. Summerslam is set to be a huge event and we’re excited about the possibilities the show brings. We’re also interested to see how long the show will be.

But reports are that the August 20th show in Brooklyn isn’t sold out yet. One of those reasons is the fact that ticket prices are extremely expensive at this point.

WWE reportedly rose the ticket prices to match UFC prices, and it isn’t working out for them. All of the tickets that remain are in-between the $800 and $1,800 price point. That’s a lot of dough for a ticket.

Apparently, UFC did really well in Madison Square Garden with inflated ticket prices, and WWE assumed they could follow suit. Unfortunately, Summerslam tickets haven’t been able to sell out quite as easily.