Imagine how amazing it would be to be able to hear Matt Hardy call Jeff “Brother Nero” on Raw? Well, apparently that isn’t going to happen or maybe it will happen depending on who you ask. Tons of “Brother Nero” and “delete” are breaking out at WWE shows, so WWE has to realize there’s money to be made.

The latest issue of The Observer broke down the recent Broken Hardy/Impact Wrestling situation. The bottom line is WWE doesn’t want to have to acknowledge that another pro wrestling company created or owns a gimmick they are using on television. WWE believes that wouldn’t be good for business in spite of all the merchandising money they could make.

They do realize that having the ability to market the Broken Universe would be a goldmine though. So they’re not totally oblivious to that reality. Matt and Jeff Hardy are under multi-year contracts and WWE would be remiss to not want a piece of the possible Broken Universe.

If The Hardys can attain ownership of the Broken Universe, then WWE would certainly be glad to use the gimmick. But at this time WWE isn’t interested in negotiating with another pro wrestling company.

To make matters even more interesting reports are Billy Corgan is now in a position where he is mediating between the the Hardys and Impact Wrestling in many ways. The Hardys and Impact Wrestling are both trying to sway public approval and attain the best outcome from the situation as possible.

One sign that WWE hasn’t nixed the idea of using the Broken Universe completely is the fact that Matt Hardy is still doing his “delete” taunts during matches. If WWE really had no interest in the gimmick, then they would just tell Matt to stop doing the familiar arm-motion.

This is an interesting situation though because one would assume WWE doesn’t want a court ruling to come down that might set a precedent for future wrestlers to be able to leave WWE and use gimmicks elsewhere that were created by McMahon and company. They’ve had to deal with similar situations before in that regard, but the Broken Hardy drama might be an exceptional circumstance. The key to The Hardys’ case could be that they funded Impact Wrestling tapings at their property to get the characters over.