If you liked our last list of wrestling gifs then you’re going to love this one.

Not only did we raise the stakes but we pulled out all the stops this time around and collected GIFS from WWE, TNA, and beyond.

Strap yourself in…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


1. Is That…The Great Khali?


This GIF is a tough one to judge. Is this kid amazed by The Great Khali or is he terrified? You decide.



2. That’s Gonna Leave A Mark


There’s a reason why they call it a Suicide Dive and that reason is that you are putting your¬†life at risk¬†every single time you do it. Most of the time it works out pretty well as you can see here this time…not so much.


3. Front Row Seat


What wrestling fan in their right mind wouldn’t want a front row seat to a wrestling show? Well I would say this kid probably didn’t want his after this swift punch to the face.


4. The Heartbreak Kid


There’s a reason why Shawn Michaels is known as The Heartbreak Kid and that’s because he was always good with the ladies. During this Survivor Series match though it seems like Melina wants nothing to do with him.


5. A Glitch In The Matrix


What’s cooler than midgets wrestling? Midgets defying gravity while they wrestle that’s what.


6. Jericho Invented Pyro



You know you’re a big star when you get pyro for your entrance but when it doesn’t work correctly it can be a little scary.


7. It Was Me RVD…It Was Me All Along


Sting shows here why he is the master of disguise as he dresses up as himself in order to get the jump on RVD. Who ever would have thought that Sting was Sting?