A finisher is often only as strong as the user makes it look.

That means even a terrible looking finisher has the potential to be one of the greatest moves ever.

Here is my top 5  list of the Best Of The Worst Finishers Edition

5.) The Peoples Elbow


This is one move that is all and I mean all about the theatrics. It’s the set-up not the pay off that makes The Peoples Elbow work because lets be honest it really isn’t a special move. I mean Dolph Ziggler hits ten elbow drops in a row and it doesn’t finish his opponent. Credit the Rock for his over the top demeanor for making something out of nothing. I mark out every time he looks up and begins to pull off his elbow pad. The man is electrifying and that electricity shoots through his elbow into the heart of his opponents. Really, I can’t explain why this move is so devastating with anything factual so I have to believe there is some weird Mortal Kombat type fireball that comes from the Great Ones elbow.


4.)Worlds Strongest Slam



So I don’t know what I can say here except it’s Mark fricken Henry. He could look at me and I would stay down for a 3 count out of fear of what my face would look like after he was done bashing it in. When it comes down to it there is nothing to this over simplistic slam. Imagine seeing Heath Slater using this as a finisher? Yea, it wouldn’t look right but for some reason it works for Henry. I don’t know why but it does. Don’t question it. In case you ever find this Mr. Henry I would like to retract everything I just said. Please don’t split my wig.


3.)Standing Firemans Carry



I mean the FU. I mean the Attitude Adjustment. Whatever he calls it now it’s really just a Firemans Carry. The reason this is so high up on my list is because of the magnitude of Superstars he has defeated with a generic maneuver.  Cena has put down the best of the best with this half assed excuse of a finisher but like the others it works for the Cenation leader. It looks a lot more impressive when he is lifting guys like Big Show and The Great Khali but it looks putrid when he has guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on his shoulders. Either way at least when you see this you know that a Cena match is close to over and so is your misery. I can see you Cena and your AA is no more than a solid B+.


2.) The Cobra



Yup. It’s a Mr. Socko knock off. Yes, it really isn’t very devastating. Totally agree, that Franks Hot Sauce has more bite but it really is awesome. The Passion that Santino has when he pulls out his “Cobra” (yea you read that right) is unmatched. When he thrusts his angry reptile into your throat (yea you read that right too) you magically become impaired. At least that is what we are led to believe. Basically, it’s a straight thrust covered by nylon into your neck. Word to the wise…stay away from Santinos flesh snake (sorry last one).



1.) The Atomic Leg Drop



When the Hulkster Hulks up everyone knows what’s coming. The most devastating, high impact, high energy, complete knockout move you will ever witness. THE ATOMIC LEGDROP. Yes, the most generic move of all time. For wrestling fans this would be like going to a high class restaurant and they only serve microwaved hotdogs on a slice of white bread. I’ve been amazed at just how many people have fallen victim to Hogans right thigh. If the man didn’t have plastic hips, knees, and joints you know for a fact he would still be burying your favorite up and coming talent with his down right unoriginal move. The Immortal Hulk Hogan has found his way to the top of many wrestling related lists but this one is for sure his most deserved. Hulk we still love you though BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRR!