The road to WrestleMania is full of surprises and a number of familiar faces have returned in recent months. Business is picking up for the stars of WWE, but Sheamus is missing out on all the action because he’s been sidelined for months now.

Even though Sheamus hasn’t been on TV the former WWE Champion got people talking when he posted a tweet which simply said “hi” followed by another tweet shortly after which said “bye.” A number of fans have responded to the “bye” tweet with replies speculating that Sheamus could be on his way out of WWE. However, it’s important to note that Sheamus has not directly indicated that he’s looking to part ways with the company.

Last year Fightful reported that the the belief is Sheamus’ contract with WWE will expire in the first quarter, or first half of this year. The Celtic Warrior last competed in the ring back in August of 2023 when he faced off against Edge in his final WWE match. Since then he’s been out of action due to a shoulder injury.

Stay tuned for updates.