John Morrison and CM Punk are two very talented superstars and you would think that a feud between the two of them would provide many classic matches but unfortunately that wasn’t always the case. After John Morrison became ECW champion in June of 2007 he feuded with CM Punk for the entire summer and they never seemed to put on that classic match everyone expected from them.

After failing to win the ECW Championship several times CM Punk was granted one more shot in this last chance ECW Championship match. Although they faced each other several times CM Punk and John Morrison never managed to click in the ring but on this night everything fell perfectly into place. Both superstars put on one hell of a match and managed to show everyone in the back that they’re valuable assets to the company.

Easily one of the best matches to ever take place under the WWECW umbrella, CM Punk and John Morrison steal the show in this underrated classic.