sami zayn

There were a lot of questions heading into SmackDown this week as The Usos were set to defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against Braun Strowman & Ricochet but it was made clear ahead of time that Jey Uso had not communicated with The Bloodline since the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago.

Jimmy Uso made his way out to defend the titles by himself, but Jey showed up and walked to the ring through the crowd then hugged his brother. The Usos managed to successfully defend the belts then backstage Jimmy asked about The Bloodline and questioned if Jey is in or out. Jey told him he doesn’t know then he walked off.

Later in the show Jey Uso was seen walking around backstage and Sami Zayn stopped him. Sami welcomed Jey back then said he doesn’t want to put him in a tough spot. Zayn said he knows Roman well and he can’t imagine that Roman will forget what Jey did at the Royal Rumble. He added that it meant the world to him that Jey walked out.

Sami Zayn said we’re 8 days away from something huge in reference to his title match with Roman at Elimination Chamber. He said we’re on the verge of seeing something he knows Jey has wanted for a long time, and Sami said he doesn’t know how he’s going to do it, but Roman is going down. Sami told Jey he doesn’t have to go down with the ship, and there’s a way out. Zayn said he doesn’t know if he and Jey will get a chance to talk again then told Jey, “I acknowledge you.”

Zayn went for a fist bump and Jey told him he better get out of here. Jey reluctantly fist bumped Sami and looked conflicted as Sami Zayn walked off.