A few weeks ago at the Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn hit Roman Reigns with a steel chair and The Bloodline proceeded to beat Sami down. However, Jey Uso walked out on the group and it was later revealed that Jey had not communicated with anyone from The Bloodline since the Royal Rumble.

Heading into SmackDown this week there were a lot of questions as The Usos were set to defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against Braun Strowman & Ricochet. Earlier in the show Jimmy Uso tried to call his brother several times, but got no answer, and Paul Heyman told him that he was going to have to defend the titles by himself.

Jimmy Uso made his way out for the match by himself and he looked nervous as he entered the ring. As the announcements were made it seemed that Jimmy would be defending the belts by himself, but then he pointed to the crowd and Jey entered through the audience. Jey got in the ring and hugged his brother before the match kicked off.

The end of the match came when Jimmy Uso and Ricochet were on the top rope and Jey tagged himself in. Ricochet knocked Jimmy Uso off the top and he thought he had it won when he hit a shooting star press, but Jey immediately followed up with a splash on Ricochet to retain the titles. After the match The Usos celebrated together.

Backstage Jey Uso told Jimmy he has his back, and Jimmy asked if he’s in or out in reference to The Bloodline. Jey told him he doesn’t know then walked off.