Most WWE fans know Alexa Bliss as the Five Feet Of Fury and she seems like a natural heel. But some remember Alexa as a perky fairy blowing pixie dust at the camera. Bliss opened up to Chris Jericho on a recent addition of Talk Is Jericho and admitted she had some worries when she received word that she would be turning into a baddie.

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“When I first was told that I was turning heel I had such mad anxiety because the character that I portrayed before that was very bubbly, very fairy princess completely not relatable whatsoever. And when I was told I was turning heel I had mad anxiety over it because I was like ‘oh my gosh, I don’t know how to be mean. I don’t know how to literally just make someone just like hate me.’ I would have anxiety over it.”

“We would do heat drills and stuff in the [WWE Performance Center] and there were times when I would stop and start crying. Like oh my gosh, I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Chris Jericho stopped her and asked what a “heat drill” was. Little Miss Bliss was happy to explain the process to Y2J.

“Yeah, it’s where you would basically practice being mean and putting heat on somebody […] So you grab your opponent, put some heat on them, you would say something mean and then keep going. So basically trying to fit your character within little spots and where to put it [in a match]. It’s a really cool drill, but I would have mad anxiety like ‘oh my gosh.’ But then once I got used to it, it just became so much more fun and now I’m like ‘I’m having so much more fun than I ever did.’ It’s so fun. I love it.”

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