triple h nxt

WWE’s developmental process has undergone big changes over the past few years. Since Triple H took over developmental, NXT has been established as its own legitimate brand, and the stars of tomorrow now train at the WWE Performance Center.

At the Performance Center wrestlers learn the WWE style, but some have criticized the process and claimed that it discourages wrestlers from being individuals, however during a recent interview with Triple H disputed such claims by saying that the misconception is wrong.

“The misconception is always the same, and it’s absolutely wrong,” said Levesque. “We are looking to make our talent as diverse as possible. People say everyone is wearing the same thing and training the same way. Yet they are not training the same way. We are grouping people together to work on building certain skills. The core of what we do is the same – yes, you have to learn the same skills, techniques, and foundation when you start. Then we set you up with people to develop your characters. We want the talent to develop their character, and our job is to help harness the character. We want them, every single one of them, to be unique and have their own feel.”

SmackDown Live star Baron Corbin is featured in the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine and he recently took to Twitter to brag about it. You can see what he had to say below.