It seems that after more than a year of becoming the dominant Queen on Monday Night Raw, WWE made the decision to turn Charlotte face to go against The Welcoming Committee after they attacked The SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi and Charlotte a few weeks ago.

It was recently noted on Wrestling Observer Live that several backstage officials were not happy about the decision to turn her face and instead thought that the better option was to allow her to remain heel. Because of this, it seems that this new face run could be brief, with the tension between Naomi and Charlotte already revealed, it could be that Charlotte decides to turn on her new friends at Backlash if they manage to defeat Natalya, Carmella and Tamina in six woman tag action.

At some point, Charlotte will want to go for the Women’s Championship again, and she won’t be able to co-exist with Naomi whilst she has it around her waist.

Officials may not be happy about Charlotte’s recent change, but it seems that they are extremely high on NXT star Aleister Black who only made his official NXT debut last month as part of NXT Takeover: Orlando.

Black has since been appearing at WWE Live shows and he has competed as part of Raw Live shows in the UK. Black had been on WWE’s radar for a while after competing in the UK under the name Tommy End for a number of years.

Black has already made a good impression with many WWE executives and it seems as though his stay in NXT could well be a brief one.