If only to be young again. Many WWE superstars are currently living out their childhood dreams and they’ve come a long way since their high school days. But in a way they still look the same.

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WWE.com recently uploaded a gallery of WWE superstars’ high school pictures and some of these are epic. There are way more on the actual gallery so it’s worth checking out. But we pulled some of our favorites to share with you because you’re awesome.

The full gallery also includes the likes of Randy Savage, Zack Ryder, The Bella Twins (spoiler: they looked the same), Bayley and more. But we didn’t have room for everyone. The Hardcore Icon Mick Foley has come a long way since days gone by, but he’ll always be Mrs. Foley’s baby boy. This throwback picture is epic. Remember the days when people wore a suit and tie like this to school on picture day? Well, Mick Foley obviously does. It’s also neat to see Mick with two full ears (if you could find them under his hair).Randy Orton had some big shoes to fill being Cowboy Bob Orton’s son. This classic picture of a young Viper in a wrestling singlet would be hilarious if he didn’t grow up to be someone as intimidating as Randy Orton. The guy is a certified G now and by the look in his eyes from this high school picture he always has been. It’s a good thing Big Cass finally grew into his ears too. We’re not making fun, but you can’t teach that.

It looks like Finn Balor has always been a champion. Even as a youth Finn Balor had that same smirk that we have all come to know and expect. The future demon also looks mighty dapper in his tuxedo.

Big Show had a mighty big transformation since his high school days. But there was a day when the giant sports entertainer and shoo-in WWE Hall Of Famer went to school like everyone else. The gallery features some really cool pictures of him playing high school basketball too. It was probably very useful having a giant on the team.

Check out this young Artichect right here. It looks like Seth Rollins has always sported an alternative look, only he used to have much more volume to his hair. This young rocker turned out to be one of the best parts of WWE known as The Kingslayer. It’s also easy to tell how down to earth of a guy he is by this throwback picture. We really dig his necklace.

Alexa Bliss has grown up a lot too, well in a manner of speaking. She’s still Five Feet Of Fury, but at least she was able to figure out what to do with her bangs. Check out the gallery to see some pictures of her in action as a cheerleader too. If it’s hard to picture Alexa Bliss as a cheerleader, just remember the days when she was a Fairy Princess on NXT.