bruce prichard

As I have written about in prior posts for Still Real To Us, wrestling podcasts are often more entertaining than the weekly television we have access to. But not all wrestling fans know what a podcast is; many wrongly believe that the WWE Network’s recurring Stone Cold Podcast is an example of such.

In turn, here are six recent podcast episodes from this month that are worthy of your time and attention:

MSL & Sullivan: June 1, 2017 – Hosted by Mister Saint Laurent and Kevin Sullivan, MSL & Sullivan created a wrestling podcast format that quite a few popular wrestling podcasts now follow. The hosts talk about current events in the business, then recap an old episode of a wrestling TV show and analyze it. There is always lots to learn when Kevin Sullivan is speaking on the mic.

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard: Episode 49: Hulk Hogan’s 1988 – Another one of the popular MLW podcasts, Something To Wrestle is the brainchild of long-time wrestling fan (and Ric Flair friend) Conrad Thompson and veteran wrestling producer and on-air talent Bruce Prichard. This episode looks back at 1988 in the WWF, specifically focusing on Hulk Hogan. It is, of course, filled with Bruce’s excellent impressions beyond the insight that would come with being one of Vince McMahon’s trusted allies. But as Conrad points out, the attendance figures of the event in Hershey, Pennsylvania are inexcusable.

Bischoff On Wrestling – Ep 46: Eric’s Response To Something To Wrestle’s Eric Bischoff-WWE Episode – Speaking of Something To Wrestle, Eric Bischoff and co-host Nick Hausman first discuss the recent podcast episode which Eric was the subject of. After that, Eric addresses some non-wrestling topics (e.g. Kathy Griffin, California seceeding from the United States). As always, a lot of insight is offered via Bischoff On Wrestling.

Vince Russo’s The Brand: Vince Reveals McMahon’s Response To Him Wanting To Help WWE Then Responds Live On The Show – The title of this episode of Vince Russo’s podcast is very clickbait-y, of course. Without spoiling what exactly Vince McMahon said back to Vince Russo, history was made when Russo — with the help of co-host Jeff Lane and on-air frenemy The Disco Inferno — responded back to Mr. McMahon, talking out the response as he typed it out. That topic does not take up the whole episode as the three also talk about current events in wrestling, Disco’s wrestling training, and the process of getting a job as an exotic dancer.

The Jim Cornette Experience: Episode 184″> – And speaking of Vince Russo, Jim Cornette is sure to make headlines with this episode. Within these 144 minutes, Corny issues an actual challenge to Vince Russo to fight him in the location of his choosing. While it would be easy to dismiss this as a wrestling promo, it comes across as a legitimate invitation. How this one shakes out promises to be interesting.

Dinner With The King: Episode 13 – Andy Kaufman Is NOT Alive – Jerry “The King” Lawler may be relatively-new to the podcast game, but he has more broadcasting experience than almost any other podcaster. In turn, he is a natural as a podcaster and co-host Glenn Moore is effective as a moderator. This episode includes discussion of not only Andy Kaufman but also Jerry Lee Lewis, whose song “Great Balls Of Fire” has received a lot of attention in recent months, thanks to the WWE. Best wishes go out to Brian Christopher, who Jerry talked about around the seven-minute mark.