In today’s day and age you never know what could be lurking around any specific corner of the internet. It is often times a good idea to be aware and never click on anything that could lead you down the wrong rabbit hole. Metaphors are fun, but the dangers of the internet are a very real and scary thing.

These threats are amplified even more if you’re a celebrity. The recent “fappening” incidents have taken numerous celebrities down with them including Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Hyland, and enough Nickelodeon and Disney stars to cast a teen comedy. Of course WWE Superstars aren’t immune to this kind of thing either.

There have been several WWE Superstars to have their phones hacked and their most private photos and videos spread around the internet for all to see from Paige to Seth Rollins. But to be fair, Seth Rollins’ nude photo leak had less to do with hacking and more to do with a vengeful ex. But for whatever reason, there is always a constant threat of having anything on your phone taken by someone if they have the specific set of skills to do so.

WWE really dodged a bullet recently when nude photos claiming to be Kevin Owens turned out to be fake but there are still plenty of people on their roster who are still at risk or have even been previously hacked.

The fact is with the way the underbelly of the internet works these nude photos might never come out to the public as they are used as trading tools in the niches of the internet or dark web that people don’t like to think about.

But Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reports that WWE has been warned even more potential WWE Superstar video and photo leaks could be on the way. Let’s hope for the best in this situation because WWE doesn’t need this kind of thing anymore. They’ve had meetings about this subject in the past, but you never know what or who could be on their way next.