Ever since he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last year Seth Rollins has been a fighting champion. Back in January, Seth Rollins defended the belt against Jinder Mahal on Raw and the match was a hot topic ahead of the show due to Tony Khan pointing out that Jinder Mahal was getting a title shot despite the fact that he hadn’t won a singles match in over a year.

Jinder Mahal recently shared his thoughts on Tony Khan’s comments during an appearance on The Gorilla Position while hyping up the fact that he is a former WWE Champion.

“I think Tony Khan is forgetting I’m the Modern Day Maharaja, former WWE Champion, and being a former WWE Champion, I should be number one contender anytime I want. The Royal Rumble happened a week after that. If you notice, I wasn’t in it because I didn’t feel there was a need.

The Modern Day Maharaja wants a title match, he can just get one. It’s okay. Overall, it’s great. It caused a lot of buzz, and I appreciate the competition because it makes everybody better.”

H/T Fightful