We really miss Tyson Kidd. He was hyped as the final graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon and displayed a talent that was both agile and powerful. He was a great tag team performer but could also stand on his own.

One of the reasons why he meshed so well in a tag team is because he’s not only very easy going but an extremely likable guy. Tyson never really got a chance to excel on the level he deserved though because he suffered a devastating neck injury when he took a botched Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe during a dark match before Raw in June 2015.

Kidd’s injury might also be why WWE doesn’t let Samoa Joe do the Muscle Buster as much as he used to. But it can always pop back up just like the Styles Clash, it is just reserved for special occasions. This might also be the reason why Samoa Joe wasn’t called up to the main roster as quickly as most projected.

In the meantime, Tyson Kidd’s been rehabbing his neck injury and taking it as easy as he can. He cares for his cats and hangs out with his wife Natalya and her father Jim Neidhart. Kidd was taken off of Total Divas because WWE was nervous he would talk about his injury on the show and they don’t need that kind of publicity.

By all accounts Tyson’s loving life but he obviously still misses wrestling. He also missed being on the road, friends like Cesaro, and the rest of the boys.

Kidd recently got some great news when WWE offered him a non-wrestling role. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported last night that Tyson Kidd is starting a new non-wrestling role with the company very soon. Not only that, but he’ll also be appearing again on the upcoming season of Total Divas.

It is unknown at this point whether Tyson Kidd will be an agent or producer backstage or if he will be involved in some kind of television story-line. But one thing is for sure it’s got to be better than hanging out at home with his cats all day.

Congratulations to Tyson Kidd for his new gig, we wish he could lace up his boots again. But it is still great to see WWE using him in some sort of capacity.