This week on Raw the WWE Universe were treated to one of the most underwhelming tag team debuts in WWE history. The Shining Stars were the new name of repackaged Puerto Rican superstars Primo and Epico Colon after WWE decided that their run as Los Matadores had come to an end.

This was made even more evident when WWE released El Torito as part of their superstar spring cleaning last week and have been airing videos of Primo and Epico under their new guise for the past few weeks.

The one problem with the tag team’s new gimmick is the fact that they are “The Shining Stars of the Carribbean” and this new persona is literally begging to include Carlito.

Carlito Caribbean Cool would easily fit into this new tag team and as far as many of the WWE Universe are concerned, Carlito stated that he would be open to a WWE return a while back when he was inducting his father into the Hall of Fame in 2014.

His circumstances don’t seem to have changed and hopefully the former Intercontinental Champion would still be open to a return if WWE came knocking.

Carlito and his real life brother Primo have teamed together in WWE before and even held the unified Tag Team Championships for the first time after they defeated World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz at WrestleMania 25 in the Unification match.

Despite this and the fact that Carlito was also a former United States Champion and a popular Superstar amongst the WWE Universe, WWE released him in 2010 when it was made clear that he had violated terms of WWE’s wellness policy and had also refused to go to rehab to help him with his addiction to painkillers.

Since then Carlito has been a main stay on the Independent Circuit and has been a part of WWC’s roster for the past six years and even won the WWC Universal Championship back in March.

WWE allowed Carlito to come back to WWE and play a part in his dad’s Hall of Fame induction where he talked about how different it was wrestling on a smaller level after being a part of WWE, which means that despite his violations six years ago, if Carlito can prove that he is in a better place now then perhaps WWE will take him back?

There have been no hints from WWE or Carlito as to whether or not either one are ready to work with each other again, but this repackaging does literally scream for Carlito’s assistance, he was the only superstar who made the Caribbean cool and it seems that right now he is the only one who can come back and save his cousin and brother from another bad gimmick.

This would also allow them to go after The New Day and the Tag Team Championships since they would then be the only other team with three members who could actually match the reigning champions.

Primo and Epico were once themselves on WWE TV and were often valeted by Rosa Mendez before WWE had the bright idea that the company needed a tag team of bull fighters with their own bull as a sort of pet. This gimmick came across well but there wasn’t a lot WWE could do with such an odd set of characters.

They were often involved in matches where they just made up the numbers and were first to be eliminated, they never stood any kind of chance when it came to the tag team championships and it seems that WWE could once again be pushing them down the same path.

This week on Raw the exciting duo made an underwhelming debut as WWE booked them against two local wrestlers that no one had heard of. This made the win almost pointless and leaves both stars in the same position they were i when they were a part of Los Matadores.

If the plan is not to bring back Carlito and allow the duo to become a trio then there really is no hope for these two superstars, as already stated they were only there to make up numbers when they had an interesting gimmick and now this one feels really forced, it is unknown how WWE will take it forward. Hopefully it is into the path of the superstar who “Spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.”