cody rhodes

Cody has made no secret of the fact he isn’t a fan of Moose. He has been hyping this match on social media and came out with guns blazing at Moose. Cody really does have a full dance card as he is set to face Kurt Angle at the Northeast Wrestling Show on March 3rd. But on March 2nd, he had a big plate of Moose to deal with. Earlier in the night, The American Nightmare took Moose out before his match with Eli Drake leaving him unable to compete.

However, the match for the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship between Cody and Moose did happen, and it was a bout wrought with action and intensity.

If you’re not familiar with how these matches work it is quite simple, but it is still a total change from the format of a traditional professional wrestling match. Each match consists of three rounds of five minutes. There are three judges who rate the match on a 10-point scale by physicality, aggressiveness, and controlling the action. A round can end at any time by pinfall or submission. If there is no winner in the three rounds, then the match is thrown to a judge’s decision. Simple, right?

During the first round, Cody accidentally hit a judge and knocked him out cold. So, that’s one way to win over the judges.

They really used Bruce Prichard as much as they could, but there are no complaints here.

Cody won the second fall but there was some commotion before the third round started which caused Brandi Rhodes to walk out on her hubby. Moose won via a split decision in the final moments of the night to retain the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship. This was said to be a really good match between two pros that compliment each other very well.

It’s no real surprise Moose retained his title as Bobby Lashley dropped his title to Alberto El Patron earlier in the night. Officials are obviously intent on making Impact Wrestling great again, but they shouldn’t change too much at the same time. It will be a slow process, but it certainly looks like they’re on the right track.