impact wrestling

The main event was set up in monumental fashion at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping. Bruce Prichard came out to announce the name “TNA” is now dead before he introduced the face of Impact Wrestling, Bobby Lashley. Alberto El Patron came out to make a grande entrance. Papi challenged Lashley to a match and it was cemented. When the time finally came for the match up between Papi and The Human Kryptonite the anticipation was palpable.

After an intense encounter, a winner was declared, and a new Impact Wrestling Champion was crowned.

However this victory wasn’t without controversy as the referee took a bump during the match, therefore, a dusty finish was a possibility. There was some questioning in the crowd as to what would happen in the end.

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As referees Earl Hebner and Brian Stiffler argued as to what happened during the match, Bruce Prichard came out to figure out exactly what was going on.

After all was said and done, Alberto El Patron ended up leaving with the belt. Therefore the new Impact Wrestling Champion is El Presidente, Alberto El Patron. Betcha Paige can’t wait to break that Impact Wrestling Championship belt in.