The new head of creative for Impact Wrestling, Dutch Mantell appeared at the taping tonight in his signature motorized wheelchair. He said he was there because TNA was great 8 years ago and he’s there to “Make Impact Wrestling Great Again.” We have previously reported this will be Impact’s new slogan, and now that it’s a reality it’s surprisingly a little less cringe-worthy.

Mantell started talking about AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Sting, Christian, and Bobby Roode and how they used to be faces of the company but left. He said they left the company because of a lack of leadership, vision, and respect. But he concluded his thought on the matter saying the biggest reason they left is because the fans left first.

Dutch Mantell said he wants to bring the fans back to the company. He said he was there to give advice and answer to his boss, his boss is the fans of Impact Wrestling. That is quite refreshing to hear.

He asked the entire crowd to stand, place their hands over their hearts, and in a loud clear voice say, “We the people… will make Impact great.” That is one amazing twist on an already established gimmick.

This was said to be an outstanding segment from the new head of creative. Looks like Impact Wrestling is in good hands: the fans’.