impact wrestling

As we all know, there are a ton of changes going on behind the scenes at TNA, we mean Impact Wrestling (gotta get used to saying that). Dave Meltzer reports in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jeff Jarrett is operating with the slogan of: “Let’s Make TNA (Impact Wrestling) Great Again.” Although that slogan worked for Trump, it didn’t do too well for Darren Young therefore it’s up in the air how it will fare for Impact.

The current idea is to present a “good old days” type of approach to the product and turn it into more of a pure wrestling company. This is why many thought if the Broken Hardys had resigned their contracts they would have been split up to push Jeff as a singles star once more.

Jarrett is talking about bringing in many old faces to the company like Konnan (which would explain why Impact Wrestling and The Crash Luchas promotion have been so tight-knit as of late). Konnan actually sued TNA for racism because of Jarrett, but since the settlement it’s apparently water under the bridge. The thinking is Impact will bring back LAX (The Latin American Xchange) but they aren’t sure who will be in it just yet.

It’s also being reported that Matt Morgan is slated to be brought back into Impact Wrestling as a top star as well as Bruce Prichard. Meltzer makes no note of Prichard being brought in for a backstage role and says “he essentially got the gig because of how strong his podcast numbers were and Jeff Jarrett hoping that his podcast listeners would start watching.”

Karen Jarrett is also expected to return for some angles as well (bad pun).