Bruce Prichard appeared on the stage to an overwhelming ovation. If you didn’t know him from anywhere else, he happens to be the host of a wildly successful podcast. In case you don’t know the name of his podcast, all you have to do is take a look at the massive screen behind him.

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Prichard had some very important announcements concerning the future of TNA, err Impact Wrestling. If you’ve listened to his podcast you know how he feels about those three letters so he’s a more than appropriate choice to make the official announcement.

Bruce Prichard confirmed that from here on out TNA and the company will officially be known as Impact Wrestling.

Of course there had to be someone to challenge Lashley, and that person was Papi himself.

Therefore Alberto El Patron vs. Bobby Lashley looks to be the next big feud in Impact Wrestling, thanks in part to Brother Love. EC3 came out to break up the party, he said he’s carried the company on his back for years and Alberto doesn’t deserve the title shot.

Lashley turned the tables on Carter when he said EC3 already had his chance, so the match was made official: Alberto vs. Bobby, later on, tonight.

Well, it looks like Good Ol’ JR trolled us pretty good. After he got our hopes up wondering how amazing it would be to hear his voice on Impact Wrestling, early on in the television taping tonight it was revealed Jeremy Borash is the new announcer.

This is still very good news as Borash is a name that knows TNA very well and he’s been a backstage workhorse for the company since the company’s inception.

Jeremy immediately got things going by establishing himself as not a voice of the people, but a voice of JR himself.

Josh Matthews is really playing up that heel announcer role for Impact Wrestling by capitalising on all the heat he’s gotten from those remarks he made about being the best play-by-play announcer alive. Apparently, we’re not the only ones that don’t believe him.

Cody is in the building and set to face Moose tonight, but before their match, The American Nightmare raised the stakes for their match. Even before that, he got involved in his wife’s match by not letting it happen at all.