dean ambrose

Dean Ambrose is currently one of the most popular superstars in WWE, but while this means that the company is willing to push the former World Champion into main event spots, it also has its downfalls.

Ambrose and his real-life girlfriend Renee Young recently conducted an interview with Vegas Seven where they talked about the fact that the amount of attention they gain as a couple sometimes becomes scary.

“I have a particular demographic. I think I appeal to a lot of people who might have problems of their own [and] they relate to me. It’s cool when you can help and inspire people and stuff, but sometimes people just attach to you for strange reasons, [and] their behavior is not the best. I’ve been stalked, I’ve been—”

Renee Young then interrupted: “I get many a death threat. Well, I mean, there’s a lot of anti–Renee Young pages out there.”

Ambrose then expanded on this to state that he is often stalked by members of the WWE Universe.

“It’s actually good to make this point. But without going into too much detail, I’ve been stalked on the phone and my home and hotels, to the point where it’s a little Single White Female scary, though I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna get beaten up and kidnapped by a 15-year-old girl. I’ve been stalked fairly regularly for the last two years. I have to go to great lengths to keep that s— at bay.”

It’s thought that this is a big problem with many of WWE’s top superstars at the moment and the fact that Renee and Dean are gaining so much attention right now, means that it is probably a blessing in disguise that WWE decided to scrap their planned feud with The Miz and Maryse and bring in John Cena and Nikki Bella instead.