WrestleMania season has come and gone, but this year WWE went all out for the Show of Shows. WrestleMania was once again a two night event this year, and Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair was the main event for Night 1.

Sasha Banks defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Belair on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and in the end it was Belair who won the match and walked out with the gold.

Main eventing WrestleMania is a dream for a lot of professional wrestlers, and Sasha Banks noted during an appearance on the Just Women’s Sports podcast that she was telling Bayley the year before that she was going to main event WrestleMania 37. When the card started going around she was told she wouldn’t be the main event, but then on the Wednesday before the show Tyson Kidd informed her that she would be headlining.

“It was legit the Wednesday before WrestleMania I found out that we were the main event. And I was again so nervous because I was asking around ‘did you get the card? Did anyone tell you?’ And they’re like ‘you’re not the main event.’ And I’m like ‘nobody told me that!’ I’m like ‘okay, I still have time because Vince hasn’t said anything. I’m going to go to rehearsals and if I find out, all I can do is maybe ask Vince and that’s all I can do.’ I went to rehearsals and TJ Wilson, who’s our producer, he told me that I was the main event. And I just instantly started crying and was just like ‘wow. No way!’ Like I knew it, it’s something that I wanted. Just to finally to hear the words that ‘you’re the main event.’”

“It was so overwhelming, it’s bringing back tears. It’s crazy, it’s crazy, because it’s the biggest thing you can ever do in wrestling. My heroes haven’t gotten to do what I’ve done. So not only that, and just being a woman and being an African American woman. We’re checking off so many things. But the biggest thing that I got to check off was my biggest dream in my heart. Fully accomplishing that last checkmark on my list of everything I had written down since I was a kid. That was just last month and I am on vacation right now still soaking that in. I’m just ready for what’s next.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.