braun strowman

A few weeks ago WWE shocked the world when the company released former Universal Champion Braun Strowman. Since then Strowman has been fairly active on his Instagram account, and he recently showed off a new photo revealing that he cut his beard for the first time in a decade.

“Since I figured the cats out the bag already. I cut my beard for the first time in a decade and while I’m still adjusting to it I ain’t mad at it!!!!! #MLMR #FreshStart #WhoDat #BabyFaceForLife #LetsGo #Nfg #GetTheMopOut #HideYourWifes big thx to my boy @jg0n for always making me #DapperAf”

The Monster Among Men went on to share another photo showing him holding a baby tiger, and he joked that he can die a happy man after the life changing experience.

“Ok I can die a happy man!!!!!! @myrtlebeachsafari thank you all so much for this evening. I literally felt like a child seeing and experiencing today. These animals are so beautiful and so well taken care of. This was a life changing experience for me to see up close what amazing creatures god has put on this earth and reminded me how important it is to preserve and support these beautiful animals for our future generations to see. All I can say is thank you so much for allowing me to see and do this. #Blessed #Tigers #WeMustProtectThem #Grateful”

At this point it’s not clear where Braun Strowman might end up next, but it’s believed that his non-compete clause will expire on August 31.