Ronda Rousey might be the best chance WWE has to draw guaranteed massive money with a female. If there’s a WrestleMania main event with a woman in it, Ronda Rousey is usually part of the picture when it comes up in discussion.

TMZ’s cameras caught up with Jim Ross recently and as you can see by the clip below they asked the WWE Hall Of Famer about Ronda Rousey’s chances of coming to WWE. Nobody knows if she’ll fight in the Octagon again so rumors have been pretty thick about Ronda headed to WWE. Her appearance at the Mae Young Classic really sparked, even more, intrigue on the subject.

JR said “it’s inevitable” that Ronda Rousey shows up in WWE. He said she’s going to be a big star in pro wrestling and expects to see her at in a WWE run someday.

There are also reports Ronda could be training at a wrestling school in California as Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reports Rousey has enrolled in wrestling classes and she is expected to start very soon. She wants to do something with the Four Horsewomen at WrestleMania and Brian Kendrick has been called in to help with the training. Kendrick did a wonderful job polishing up Eva Marie (he really did) and they want to rely on his expertise once more.

It turns out it was Ronda’s idea to do the angle at the Mae Young Classic in the first place and she really wants to come into WWE. She’s already taken some basic bumps and has been teasing a big announcement on her website. It isn’t clear if WWE is her big reveal, but it’s certainly interesting to us.

One thing is for sure Jim Ross certainly thinks Ronda Rousey will end up in WWE eventually. He didn’t clearly state if he’s heard anything but JR’s been in the pro wrestling business long enough to know a huge money draw when he sees one.

If Ronda is preparing for some kind of a match at WrestleMania then now would be the perfect time to jump in the squared circle and see how well she can merge her MMA training with the art of pro wrestling.