ronda rousey

You never know what can happen when you throw a huge event. But more importantly, you never know who will show up. So naturally, when WWE held their first-ever Mae Young Classic women’s tournament it made sense that a couple really tough females showed up.

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Although her record in the Octagon might not be flawless, it’s hard to argue Ronda Rousey isn’t tough. Rowdy Ronda Rousey showed up at Full Sail University for the Mae Young Classic tapings and she was obviously welcomed with open arms.

Ronda and Triple H had the chance to snap a photo together and they looked happy to see each other as always. It’s no secret WWE wants Ronda on their roster and the fact she’s still stopping by WWE events whenever she can is certainly a good sign that is still a possibility.

Although she didn’t get in the ring to rough anyone up, Ronda looks happy in her Macho Man t-shirt and Triple H looks good in a suit as always. Only time will tell if/when Ronda gets in a WWE ring for real, but this kind of awesome photo-op certainly keeps us interested.

You can also check out a little video of Ronda arriving at the Full Sail Arena below. She looked excited to see some ladies compete. She also looked excited to see some of her old friends in WWE.

Ronda’s MMA career might be wrapping up sooner than later and people can only assume she has visions of WWE dancing in her head. If she doesn’t have that thought then she’s certainly a fan and gets the royal treatment whenever she wants to attend a WWE event.

WWE wants to have her around because why wouldn’t they? After all, she’s Ronda Rousey. We hope she had a great time attending the Mae Young Classic as it appears her relationship with WWE is still a very friendly one.