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A number of people have cataclysmically screwed themselves when it comes to having any chance to come back into the WWE’s good graces. But, it is hard to imagine Cody Rhodes and his brother Dustin seeing themselves in a position where they are exiled from WWE completely.

It is hard to imagine how someone could go through the bad gimmicks and storylines that those two have suffered through and not hold some bit of resentment toward WWE. Most people in the same situation would certainly feel that way. But, they have stood tall with a unique brand of dignity and persevered. They accepted every creative decision thrown at them and made the most of what they were given to work with.

It is so apparent who their father was when you consider their overall demeanor and attitude. One could argue that the powers that be in Stanford might have gotten a little bit of jollies off of putting the Rhodes family in some pretty difficult gimmicks to get over.

Although Bruce Prichard swears that putting Dusty Rhodes in polka dots was not a rib, many argue that claim. But Dusty got it over. He wore the polka dots and pulled off The American Dream persona with gusto, pride, and a brand of intensity that only he could possess. Some would say that when Vince McMahon got his hands on Dusty’s sons, he carried on with the ribbing.

If a lesser man would have been given the same gimmick as Goldust, they wouldn’t have sold it for a second. Picture Goldust reacting like this: “You want me to dress up like a dominatrix sex doll, and waddle down the aisle in chains, with a rubber ball in my mouth while hobbling on a walker on television? No thanks, I’m just going to go open a wrestling school”.

But, fact is that Dustin Runnels is an ultimate professional and an entertainment anomaly. He was able to get that asexual being over, but also gave that character longevity that can only be paralleled when comparing him to great characters such as The Undertaker.

WWE slapped a mustache on Cody and called him ‘Dashing’. As much as he pulled it off, the gimmick still revolved around facial hair. Cody used it to the best of his ability to get over until it was ultimately squelched.

The brothers were eventually paired in a tag team and people wanted to see them win. They were doing it for their heritage, they were doing it for the true fans that stuck with them in spite of lackluster booking decisions, and they were doing it for themselves – and we wanted it for them.

When they captured the WWE Tag Team Titles the house erupted in a thunderous pop. But, their time at the top didn’t last long and Cody was given a melancholy gimmick where he felt bad about himself and he got all emo…yet again, another bad booking decision.

Cody soon evolved into the Stardust character. Stardust could’ve been so much more; but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. No matter how castrated his character might have been on television, anybody who had the opportunity to see Cody perform the Stardust persona at a live WWE show during that time could speak volumes of how far he took that character. Unfortunately, the WWE universe never saw that character reach its full potential on television.

Cody decided it was time for a change and with an entire career’s worth of memories and matches ahead of him, he decided to do what was best for himself and took a gamble. Cody set out on his own and started making waves for himself in TNA and independents throughout the world. Now he is a member of the freaking Bullet Club and looks like he’s having the time of his life.

Cody is the only man to have performed at WrestleMania, ROH’s Final Battle, and WrestleKingdom in a twelve-month period. This is an achievement that might never be matched.

The Rhodes Family is wrestling royalty. They have a dignity that is unique to their own, displaying ultimate professionalism and having a mind for the business that should never be overlooked or underestimated.

WWE has no reputation of keeping anything sacred, for example Vince McMahon fought God in the middle of the Bible belt at Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky on pay-per-view. Therefore, when fans and grandsons of plumbers alike were offended by seeing a Bayley bear in polka dots being ripped apart on Monday Night Raw; it would be ridiculous to presume that this action would be absolutely unheard of.

Goldust was in an awful position during that moment because he had to take part in the angle. It’s hard to imagine the internal conflict that he was experiencing. Goldy couldn’t do or say anything about it because he didn’t want to hurt the Golden Truth. He held his head up as high as he could and carried on with the storyline as instructed.

As much as seeing this hurt Cody, he took the high road and merely voiced his honest feelings on the matter. What Cody did in response was understandable and in no way unacceptable.

The Rhodes brothers are future WWE Hall of Famers, as well they should be. They have been able to make chicken salad out of anything that comes out of a chicken for years and have been entertaining and professional in the process. While it might be hard to garner his opinion at this current juncture, it is safe to assume that Dusty Rhodes couldn’t be prouder of his boys.

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  1. This is one of the reasons i always hope tNa or rOh make it big someday. Cody and others can be successful without the wWe but they deserve huge crowds as well. It would be good to have Vince think twice after readin treating these hard working men like fruit he can puck through with the fear of them having a choice to go and threaten his kingdom. Regardless, Cody and Goldust are amazing and time will tell. Hope wWe can see this before time is up though.