cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes and Trevor Lee wrestled at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event on Saturday night and things took a rather unsettling turn during Cody’s match with the Impact Wrestling star. During the “Only Kings Can Understand Each Other” event, Cody lost his match via a fisherman buster from Lee, but it was something that Trevor said during the opening moments of the bout that might have hurt The Grandson of a Plumber even more.

During the introductions of the match, Cody turned to the announcer and yelled: “It’s not Cody, it’s Cody f—— Rhodes!” This statement got a huge pop from the crowd who were happy to hear that Cody announced in such a public manner that he was still keeping to his family legacy in such a bold way.

Trevor Lee then walked up to Cody and said, “You know what? F— Dusty Rhodes!” This shocking statement understandably got a tremendous amount of heat from the live crowd.

Cody Rhodes sent out the following social updates after the match as a response to this crass statement concerning his late father, The American Dream.

Cody Rhodes handled this like a true gentleman, and that isn’t too surprising considering his track record of being a top-notch individual with the utmost professional mindset for the business. Lee obviously apologized so there probably won’t be any backstage heat on him for this comment, but if you’re looking to get the DVD to hear this comment, don’t bother because it won’t be in there.

One thing is for sure that Cody will have a discussion with everyone he faces beforehand from now on to let them know that any attempt to get heat off of Dusty’s name is off the table.