The American Dream Dusty Rhodes was a pioneer in pro wrestling. His promos were just so sweet, and his ability to move people was unique. Nobody did it quite like Dusty Rhodes and few have been able to do it better. He was the voice of a generation and a timeless favorite of wrestling fans everywhere.

His sons, Dustin and Cody are outstanding figures in pro wrestling and continue to carry on in their father’s polka dotted footsteps to this day. They are pinnacles of professionalism, and have rarely stepped out of line in regards to how they approach things. The Rhodes Brothers have an ultimate respect for the business and Dusty Rhodes would surely be proud of his two boys.

But, some things just can’t stand. One thing you can’t do is besmirch the name of Dusty Rhodes to get heat, let alone curse the name of the American Dream. Another thing you can’t do is bootleg Dusty Rhode’s merchandise.

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust recently went on quite the tear on Twitter over some people who are selling his father’s merchandise without permission. He also says there are people selling forgeries which is disgusting. It couldn’t have come at a better time either because with WrestleMania weekend rolling around, you never who might be in Orlando trying to hock some cooked-up Dusty Rhodes merch. Needless to say, Dustin got his point across in a very blunt way because this is a serious issue.

Some fans tried to come back at him for his statements but they were handled quickly. We still love Dusty Rhodes and his contributions to the pro wrestling business were monumental. Who knows how much future influence we lost as well when he died so suddenly because he was in a position in NXT to influence so many. One this is for sure you can remember the legacy of Dusty Rhodes all you want, just don’t go buying any non-WWE authentic bootleg merchandise.