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John Cena is a professional wrestler and he also happens to be a professional when it comes to trolling fans on Instagram.

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A few days ago Kenny Omega revealed via Twitter that he’s going to take some time away from Japan to reassess his future and his announcement sent fans into a frenzy. John Cena decided to cash in on the hype by posting a photo of Omega on Instagram with absolutely no explanation and it got a lot of people talking.

Since then John Cena’s Instagram page has been filled with nothing but Kenny Omega references, as he followed up with a photo of Kenny from South Park.

A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

The next day John Cena followed up with a picture of the letter o, along with a picture of the video game character Mega Man.

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A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

Last year John Cena posted a random photo of AJ Styles prior to the Royal Rumble and Styles ended up making his big debut at the event. There are plenty of fans out there who would love to see Kenny Omega show up at the Royal Rumble, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

Dave Meltzer recently noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kenny Omega’s contract with new Japan Pro Wrestling doesn’t expire until January 31st and the Royal Rumble is set to take place on January 29th.

Kenny Omega’s next move remains a mystery at this point, but he did recently tell Sports Illustrated that if he does end up in WWE he would like to work with John Cena.

“John Cena is one of the great WWE talents that I respect most. If I were to end up there, working with someone of his caliber would certainly be a goal and jive with my mission of changing wrestling. I’m glad to be on his radar, but I haven’t made any decisions regarding my future yet.”