matt hardy

Last year Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff introduced the Broken Universe to the professional wrestling world, and people caught on pretty quick. However, after they parted ways with Impact Wrestling, Impact claimed that they are the rightful owners of the Broken Universe, and the battle over the rights to the intellectual property has been playing out on social media over the past few months.

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Matt Hardy has been using a few of his Broken Matt Hardy mannerisms on WWE programming, but they’ve been toned down as of late while fans anxiously await the true arrival of the Broken One. There are conflicting reports going around in regards to why WWE officials haven’t pulled the trigger on the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, but Hardy himself continues to tease that his “condition” will be returning on Twitter.

Hardy recently took another shot at the Anthem owl on Twitter when he posted a video of an owl flying into a window, and he also teased that “DELETION” is coming.

Matt is one half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions right now, and he also made his Twitter followers well aware that the genesis of his Modern Testament nears.

Matt Hardy isn’t the only member of House Hardy who’s been going through changes as of late. Matt also shared a picture of Skarsgard the dilapidated boat sporting a brand new look.