When Matt Hardy came back home to WWE with his brother Jeff they were the same old Hardy Boyz we remembered. It was a drastic turn from the Broken gimmick they were using in Impact and on the indie circuit. One of the most exciting parts of The Hardy Boyz coming back was seeing whether or not Matt Hardy was Broken.

The Hardys’ battle with Impact Wrestling when they left the company was very entertaining. It resulted in memes and “F— that owl” shirts galore. But, due to some legal shenanigans, the Hardys aren’t Broken in WWE. Either WWE wasn’t allowed to use the Broken Universe gimmick or they just didn’t want to. Or maybe, it was just the genius beginning of an even longer story.

What if, during the contract talks it came out the Hardys either retained the rights to the Broken Universe, had enough proof of ownership to win in court, or WWE was just willing to pay for the rights? During the pitch to Vince McMahon, he said “we don’t want them already Broken. We’ll BREAK THEM! Man, that’s good! Ha-haa!”

As crazy as that sounds, we can totally picture it. There have been some reports saying WWE is thinking about breaking Matt once again. This would jump start both Hardys in the singles division and be a merchandising dream. Then again, there is also word Vince isn’t in love with the Broken Hardys Gimmick.

But, what if WWE is planning on doing an epic “Evolution Of Hardy” storyline right in front of us? Matt could start out as a boy and become Broken. We just wonder if they will cover Big Money Matt in the process.

Matt Hardy had a pretty great match against Sheamus on Raw this week. During the match, he pulled off his classic Broken Matt Hardy pose twice. He outstretched his arms and got that crazy look on his face. We loved it. Every time he did it, Michael Cole said he was “firing up.” But it could mean something bigger is still to come.

Matt has certainly been hinting he might be breaking once again. In a recent post on Twitter, Hardy said he’s hearing those voices once more. They are the same celestial voices that turned him Broken and taught him about deletion in the first place. If WWE does decide to turn Matt Hardy into Broken Matt Hardy, let’s just hope they use him well.


  1. “Is Broken Matt Hardy Already On His To The WWE Universe?”

    I dunno? What does that even mean?