broken matt hardy

Matt Hardy is back with WWE, but he’s not quite Broken Matt Hardy. Matt and Jeff Hardy are the current Raw Tag Team Champions, and although Matt has been throwing in a few “broken” references here and there, he still hasn’t fully embraced the Broken Matt Hardy character in WWE.

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Impact Wrestling claims they are the rightful owners of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, and reports have been circulating as of late claiming that WWE officials may be working out a deal with Impact that would allow the brothers to use the gimmick.

Apparently there have also been rumors making the rounds claiming that WWE has already purchased the rights to the gimmick from Impact Wrestling, but Reby Hardy shut that rumor down on Twitter.

As for the source of the rumors and reports, Reby joked that the information was probably leaked by someone working for Jeff Jarrett.

Despite the fact that Reby shot down rumors about WWE purchasing the rights to the gimmick from Impact Wrestling, she still indicated that Matt Hardy will transform into Broken Matt Hardy in the future.

The Impact Wrestling/Matt Hardy battle has been a pretty public affair, but at the end of the day there still really hasn’t been any clarification as to who actually owns the gimmick. According to Matt he owns it, and according to Impact they own it.

In any case, Matt Hardy continues to tease the return of Broken Brilliance on social media, so hopefully that means all of the speculation and confusion regarding the gimmick will be cleared up soon.