The pro wrestling world is a very tight knit community. Most things are shared pretty freely in circles of trust. However, in some cases it’s best to keep things on a need to know basis.

On a recent episode of “Edge And Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness” they interviewed The Young Bucks. During the interview, Nick and Matt Jackson revealed something very interesting. Apparently they were privy to some information only a handful of people knew about The Hardys next career move.

Of course, we all know at this point The Hardy Boyz came back to WWE during WrestleMania 33. But Nick and Matt Jackson knew about it way beforehand.

The Jacksons told Edge and Christian during their interview that they knew their ladder match at ROH’s Supercard Of Honor XI was The Hardys’ last match on the indies before going to WWE. They expressed some nervousness that something might go wrong in the match to prevent Matt and Jeff Hardy from debuting at WrestleMania.

This is interesting because even Karl Anderson of The Club recently revealed during an interview that he didn’t know The Hardy Boyz were debuting until a couple of hours before their match. Anderson was a member of the Raw Tag Team Champions at the time and he didn’t even know about plans for The Hardys. But, The Young Bucks knew.

“We actually felt a lot of responsibility there too,” Jackson told Edge and Christian. “We knew what they were doing the next night. We were two of the few guys in the world that actually knew about it. Nobody else in Ring Of Honor that night knew about it except us. So we were like, ‘we can’t hurt these guys.’ What would that look like on us? That was definitely weighing on our hearts. We were like ‘we gotta take care of these guys.’ They’ve got a big night tomorrow.”

The Young Bucks hold the utmost respect for The Hardys. The Jacksons told Edge and Christian that as children they would reenact famous matches of The Hardy Boyz so working with them was a dream match situation.

One thing we can say about The Young Bucks is they are certainly great at keeping secrets. We can also say that Vince McMahon certainly knew about The Hardys’ match at the ROH show.

When Matt Hardy showed up the morning of their ladder match he gave The Young Bucks a message from Vince McMahon himself. “[Matt Hardy] comes up to the ring and he’s like, ‘Vince McMahon called me this morning and said, ‘hey I know these Young Buck kids are good, but could you please tell them to take care of you guys?””

If you’ve seen the match they had at ROH’s Supercard Of Honor XI, you know how crazy it got. But one thing is for sure, nothing kept The Hardy Boyz from stealing the show in a ladder match on two nights in a row.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article, please credit “Edge And Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness” with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription.