karl anderson

Matt and Jeff Hardy are back in WWE, and fans were thrilled to see them return at WrestleMania 33 a few weeks ago. The brothers captured the titles in their first match back, and they’re set to defend the belts against Sheamus and Cesaro this Sunday at WWE Payback.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked into WrestleMania as champions, but they didn’t walk out with the belts thanks to The Hardys. Anderson recently spoke to USA Today, and he says that he didn’t find out The Hardys were being added to the title match until a few hours before the bell rang.

“We found out a couple of hours before we had to work. We had some kind of expectation because the rumors were flying for a couple of weeks. The day of is when we got word they were coming. We were all very happy with it. At the end of the day, Jeff and Matt Hardy helped make the WWE tag team division what it is. The ladder tag team matches they had at WrestleMania in the past made those matches famous. Being in there at WrestleMania with Matt and Jeff Hardy was an honor in itself. It was a great moment to be part of and I’m glad we got that.”

After the WWE Superstar Shake-up was announced, it was rumored that WWE officials were thinking about reuniting AJ Styles with The Club. It didn’t end up happening, and Karl Anderson noted that they never got any word about a possible reunion, and he also noted that he’s open to reuniting with AJ in the future.

“It was just speculation. We never got any word on anything. We heard through Twitter and fans saying it. … I don’t know if it was fans wanting it or fans hoping it was going to happen that they started making up stories and hoping the WWE would see it. It didn’t happen. He’s doing fine and we’re happy with where we are. We keep in touch. If we ever come back to that again, it will be really, really great.”