On a recent episode of Edge and Christian’s podcast, “E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness” they spoke to The Young Bucks. During their interview, The Young Bucks covered a wide array of topics from their short stint in TNA to finding themselves in the indies and New Japan.

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The Young Bucks even went into how they came up with some of the amazing names for their moves like The Indietaker and Meltzer Driver.

Edge and Christian asked The Young Bucks who they would like to face in WWE and they provided some names like The Revival and New Day. Near the end of the interview, Edge finally asked The Young Bucks the big question. Do you ever see yourself in WWE?

“I think from my opinion right now we can’t obviously because we’re under a contract for the the next, what — 18 months or so?” Nick answered. “But I don’t know man it’s such a hard question to answer because… like right now I would say no obviously because I can’t. And we’re having a blast on our own doing it the way we do it. We’re having a good time doing it.”

“But I don’t know” Nick Jackson continued, “never say never I guess. Becuase you can’t really say no to that. Because that is the place everyone has ever wanted to wrestle. So I can’t say no. But right as of now we’re happy doing what we’re doing. So like, I don’t know. It’s always going to be a question that lingers like with us. So, I don’t know.”

“My take on it is even if we were available right now, now’s not the time to go for us, ” Matt Jackson said. “Because everyone in the world is going there. And for the first time in when I can ever remember it doesn’t seem cool to go there right now. ‘Oh hey, Johnny guy — now this guy got signed, now this guy got signed’… everybody in the world — like guys that weren’t even really necessarily big names on the indies yet. Like you know, middle-card [indie] guys are getting signed now.”

“I feel like even if we were available right now and we signed, it would just be like two other guys who got signed,” Matt said. “Like, I feel like there are already a hundred guys down in Florida. So I feel like maybe for us at least, if we did sign right now we’d probably just get lost in the shuffle.”

Edge said he felt The Young Bucks have created enough of a following and a buzz about them that they would do well in WWE.

The Young Bucks are still hesitant though. They don’t want to get down to NXT or the WWE main roster and not make enough of an immediate reaction to cause a stir. They realize you get one shot to make a good first impression. Now is obviously just not the right time for The Young Bucks and WWE.

But it’s okay. They seem to be doing pretty well for themselves for the time being. The Young Bucks are near the top of the card wherever they go. They said it’s never gotten to the point so far where WWE was talking to them about what they would even do in the company if they made the jump.

That is why it is so questionable for them. Simply put, The Young Bucks don’t know what WWE would want or like from them. They’ve never had an open communication. But you can never say never in pro wrestling.

They put a bow on the subject by saying in 18 months they might think about it. They did say, “if it doesn’t happen in 18 months, then it probably won’t happen. But if it does then I guess we’ll see what happens.”

If they never make to WWE, The Young Bucks won’t be heartbroken. They’re making plenty of money as it is. They said at the pace they’re going right now, they won’t have to go to WWE to be able to retire on their own.

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