WWE seems to be the destination for just about every pro wrestler. But there are still a small number of people who have yet to make the leap to Vince McMahon Land. On a recent episode of “Something To Wrestle With” Bruce Prichard revealed the real reason why Abyss never made the leap to WWE.

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Apparently, Abyss has been catching up on some older episodes of Bruce Prichard’s podcast. In the TNA episode of “Something To Wrestle With” it was said Abyss never left TNA for WWE because he was afraid of making the jump. Prichard said while he was in Orlando for a recent Impact Wrestling taping Abyss set the record straight about why he actually never made the jump to WWE.

“Abyss corrected me on that,” Bruce Prichard said. “He said I was wrong, that he was not intimidated and that he was simply loyal to TNA and he felt that he was there when it started and wanted to see it all the way to the end. He wanted to see it all the way through. And that was the deal man.”

Co-host Conrad Thompson broke out in a massive amount of laughter at the wording Bruce said Abyss used. “To the end” would seem to imply the TNA veteran eventually sees a conclusion to the company’s existence.

“I’m setting the record straight for Abyss,” Bruce Prichard continued through Conrad’s laughter. “He wasn’t intimidated, he wasn’t afraid and that’s cool by me by god […] I’m not tucking tail. I told him exactly what I thought. That I thought that was the deal and that was the word that went around at the time [saying Abyss was afraid to go to WWE].”

“I like Abyss […] He wants to see it all the way through, that’s what he said. So more power to him. He’s a loyal son of a b—-.”

Prichard capped it off by saying he’d want Abyss on his side during a fight any day of the week. It’s safe to say Bruce sees Abyss as someone who would fight alongside him until the end. Whenever that might be.

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