He’s normally The Destroyer on television but here’s a video of him getting some doggy kisses. The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe can tear a man limb from limb. He’s a terror and has left a trail of bodies behind him throughout his career. But it turns out he might just be a big softie in disguise. Samoa Joe recently posted a video message on his Twitter advocating for the adoption of rescue dogs. If we weren’t so intimidated by Samoa Joe we’d say it’s downright adorable. But he’s got a very important match against Seth Rollins at Payback, so he better leave that softer side at home.

Alberto El Patron keeps getting press. If he’s not cutting drunken promos on Triple H via Periscope, he’s cutting promos against Paige’s dad on Twitter. Pretty much everything Alberto does at this point fascinates us.

He keeps quite busy and has been tearing up the indie wrestling scene since his departure from WWE. He also appears on Impact Wrestling and says he wants to retire there. He’s done pretty well since his surprise debut with IW when their new regime took charge.

The WCPW “No Regrets” iPPV had a lot of big names scheduled to appear at the show and Alberto was one of them. But he canceled his appearance at the event due to illness.

Apparently, the announcement came as a shock to management and fans received no notice about it via social media. This isn’t the first time Alberto has canceled a big show though. He also pulled out of AAA’s “Héroes Inmortales X” show in October.

Let’s hope Alberto El Patron feels better soon. His career is still picking up steam and he’s got a lot more shows in his future. This kind of cancellation doesn’t need to become a trend though. Nobody needs that kind of reputation.