alberto del rio

Alberto Del Rio was recently introduced to Periscope and he seems to be loving it. The app has given him the opportunity to live-stream drunken rants whenever he wants, and he’s been giving the wrestling community plenty to talk about.

Alberto has been beating around the bush in some of his recent rants by saying negative things about Triple H and referring to him as the “man with the big nose.” But he’s not beating around the bush anymore as he held nothing back when talking about Triple H in his latest video.

“I still believe Triple H has a big nose and no balls. We are happy people my wife and I. For all you people out there trying to break us, go f*** yourselves. Some people are pissed off about us and about me saying stuff about Triple H. Triple H, you’re a f***ing p***y, and I don’t have to be drunk to say this, you’re a p***y. You marry well and you’re a pussy. Come to La Cantanita and I’m gonna say it again. I don’t have to be drunk or sober. You got a big nose, no balls.”

Alberto’s latest rants were actually posted online from Paige’s account, and when they initially launched the stream Alberto almost immediately started talking trash about WWE. Paige tried several times to get him to change the subject, but he ranted about Triple H, WWE’s Be a Star campaign, how great he thinks Impact Wrestling is and more.

You can check out his extended rant, followed by the rant where he goes off on Triple H below.