alberto el patron

If you are a fan of wrestling scandal, then you love Paige and Alberto El Patron. The two have been involved in some of the top celebrity scandal categories of the last year. From a NSFW cell phone leak to a couple of rants about WWE, they’ve had a crazy year.

Alberto is a man who doesn’t mix words at this point. He’s happy and wants to protect that happiness. To put it bluntly, he doesn’t care who he pisses off. Paige’s father, Rowdy Ricky Knight is just an old-school badass. This writer previously spent a lot of time discussing his awesomeness.

Alberto has an interesting match in a couple of weeks. He is facing Ricky Knight. That could get awkward, but it has the possibility of drawing a lot of heat from the encounter. Alberto and Ricky obviously realize that too.

A fan recently sent out a tweet to Alberto asking if he was going to be wearing his new shirt when he beats Paige’s dad. Ricky Knight was quick to respond. After that, the two cut a promo via social media that was priceless. These two are great at this. They could easily keep going on Twitter to bring heat on the match without needing to cut a real promo on a microphone.

This is another example of how modern age non-traditional methods can bring a lot of heat to a feud. These guys laid down a great promo for their match. It could have some elements of a shoot to it and they really might be getting each other riled up for the match. Then again, they could be in the same room laughing about it as they tweeted out. One thing is for sure, it’s entertaining.

This tactic of drawing heat just might become the standard in pro wrestling as television time is so precious and a good back-and-forth exchange can easily be done in 140 characters. It would certainly be a good thing. WWE already uses some elements of it in their programs. After all, the Braun Strowman/Kalisto dumpster match started with a tweet. Since it’s proven to be successful, just wait until someone comes around and innovates the concept.

The exchange between Alberto and Ricky Knight was great though. It came up out of nowhere with a simple fan question. It escalated until someone got served. Just like a promo on television. Only it was on Twitter, and it was just as entertaining.

Besides this writer probably wouldn’t have heard about the match unless they cut this online promo. After all, when you do something online it’s for everybody to see. Right now I kinda want to see Alberto and Paige’s dad fight. That sounds like a good time, I’m in. The promo worked. Well played, gentlemen.

Here is a simple outline of how to do it and these two perform a brilliant example here. The fan asks a question to Alberto and tags his opponent in the post. That is key if you want to get one of these started as a fan. If you don’t tag them, then one or both people might not see it.

But in this case, Ricky Knight took the bait. Alberto was most likely going to leave it alone because his Twitter mentions are probably crazy. But it is a really sweet Alberto shirt.

That’s a nice simple reply. It’s almost like a layup, short and effective. It comments on the fan’s question and leaves the door open for a response. Ricky also tagged Alberto. That’s important because as previously stated, Alberto probably gets a ton of Twitter mentions so he might not notice them all. But, he’ll pay attention to one from Ricky Knight.

That’s a point for Alberto there. Ricky Knight throws out a harsh threat and a meme in response. Alberto has yet to fire back. We can only assume he’s lying in wait or he’s just waiting until the two collide in the UK.

Oh, and don’t forget to plug the show you’re going to work somewhere in the battle. Putting a link in there is helpful too.

This kind of social media exchange might not seem like much. But who knows where the practice could lead as pro wrestling continues to evolve in front of our eyes? People might eventually just Twitter battle nonstop for a month and have a match to draw amazing heat. One thing is for sure, Ricky Knight and Alberto did it correctly in this instance.