alexa bliss

Certain stars in the wrestling industry were recently targeted in a hacking scandal, and Paige got the worst of it. Quite a few nude photos of Paige surfaced online, but she wasn’t the only one who had private photos stolen from her.

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In the days and weeks following the initial leak, there were quite a few rumors going around claiming that more leaks were on the way. One of the stars who was rumored to be included was the first ever two time SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

Apparently some fake nude photos of Alexa Bliss have been circulating online, and Alexa seems to be well aware of their existence.

The current WWE Raw star took to Twitter to not only deny that she’s the person in the photos, but she also demanded that they be removed immediately.

Alexa Bliss posted the following:

Alexa Bliss then followed up on the tweets about the photos by posting a photo of her dog. Look at that thing, isn’t it adorable?

Alexa Bliss was a big time player during her run on SmackDown Live, and she recently joined the Monday Night Raw roster.

She’s quickly moving up the ranks in the Raw women’s division, as she’s currently the number 1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship, and she’s set to challenge Bayley at WWE Payback on Sunday.