WWE has made a big deal about AJ Styles’ relationship with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. It is true, AJ had some fun times with The Club in New Japan (and WWE). But AJ Styles also has a great history with The Young Bucks. As members of The Bullet Club, these guys really bonded in more ways than just wrestling. They were foreigners banded together in Japan and became quite close. A fan recently asked Nick Jackson if he missed hanging out with AJ Styles. The youngest Young Buck had a great reply. He called AJ one of his favorite human beings.

In response, The Phenomenal One reached out and seconded Nick’s feelings. AJ Styles also took it a step further saying Nick and Matt Jackson are like family to him. It’s awesome to see that kind of mutual respect and admiration in the pro wrestling community.

Hopefully The Young Bucks and AJ Styles will meet again, only it will be in WWE. The Young Bucks have reportedly signed lengthy Ring Of Honor deals though. So if a reunion happens, we might have to wait a bit. But with the pro wrestling business being the way it is, you never know what could be around any given corner.

If you’ve never seen The Young Bucks and AJ Styles work a match together, we highly recommend it. The incarnation of The Bullet Club with AJ Styles produced some amazing matches.

Who knows? Maybe it will only be a matter of time before we see these guys fight alongside or against each other again. The Young Bucks have great careers ahead of them and AJ Styles doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Not to be left out, Matt Jackson replied too. He simply told AJ he missed him. These guys obviously remember the good old day days together. Thanks to social media, they’re only the click of a button away.