It looks like the story of Roman Reigns and his alleged involvement as a customer of WFN before their huge steroid bust in 2017 might be getting a bit more complicated. We previously reported filmmaker Jon Bravo is releasing a documentary he’s currently working on as he completes each section based on Richard Rodriguez’s infamous steroid ring.

In recent episodes, Bravo investigated what kind of performance-enhancing drugs they might be taking to bypass WWE’s Wellness Policy. He even gave some hints recently that another big name in WWE could be on the way and he even dropped a name.

This is all very interesting in a day and age like this with such a strict Wellness Policy in WWE while Triple H’s nutritionist says things like WWE is okay with come HGH. Whether WWE is preparing for the worst in this situation, in the end, they can do whatever they want.

Jon Bravo recently gave an interview with Hannibal TV which is provided below. During the interview, Bravo not only talks about how he and Rodriguez got to the point where he has the convicted steroid dealer’s personal laptop, but he also provided a little more information on the matter about what could be to come.

He said there were over 14,000 people who ordered from Richard Rodiguez including celebrities, wrestlers, UFC fighters, NBA players, congressmen, and celebrity trainers with lots of clients. “People think I targeted Reigns,” Bravo said. “Honestly I haven’t watched WWE since it was the WWF. Since the days of Million Dollar Man and Virgil is the last time I watched WWF.” He then said the reason why he is doing a Reigns-specific video is that The Big Dog denied knowing Richard Rodriguez.

“[Reigns] case is very interesting especially in the way he placed the orders.” Bravo continued, “So out of all the cases I’ve done so far and there are 6 or 7 names I’ve released, [Reigns] is the most interesting up to this point because of the way he placed the orders which you will see in the video I’m releasing in the next few days.”

Jon Bravo went on to say the reason why people who bought the PEDs aren’t in trouble with the law is the DEA isn’t going after any individuals because all they care about are the distributors. He also went on to say he understands why Reigns denied these allegations because of his position in WWE and their Wellness Policy, but The Big Dog was apparently ordering more than just testosterone.

“But when I looked into the case more, the orders [Roman Reigns] placed were prior to suspension, a couple of months before his suspension,” Bravo said. Which means WWE could very well look at his suspension as time served and let Reigns treat this ordeal like water off a duck’s back. Bravo went on to say once again that it looks like these were the orders which caused Roman’s 2016 suspension.

Bravo went on to mention that another big name to come could be connected to WWE. “According to [Rodriguez] and what I’ve seen so far, there are 15 wrestlers past and present who are on this list,” he claimed.

It looks like there could be a lot more to this story as Jon Bravo uncovers the evidence. He’s currently going through the data on Rodriguez’s laptop and promises a new video will be on the way in the next few days.

If you use the quotes in this artcile plese credit Hannibal TV with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription