WWE used to be known as the land of giants but since taking a stricter stance on steroids and human growth hormones the WWE Wellness Policy has stepped in as sort of a watchdog to match sure nothing sketchy is going on.

Dave Palumbo is a nutritionist who works with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin and others and Palumbo was recently a guest on the Matt Riviera Show.

Matt Riviera brought up Triple H’s physique to Dave Palumbo and asked him what it was like working with The Game, “he’s like ‘tell me what to do and I’ll do it,'” Palumbo responded.

Riviera asked Dave Palumbo what Triple H has to do in order to stay so ripped and the nutritionist for WWE’s COO replied that The Game is very disciplined in his eating and supplementation. He said Trips is very meticulous and has Joe Defranco train him every night.

When Palumbo was pressed to give more details about what kind of supplements Triple H is on he started to go into the strict drug policy WWE is under but apparently, there are some loopholes. “The good thing about wrestling is it’s not a professional sport per se it’s for entertainment so they’re allowed to take hormones.”

Palumbo went on to explain how WWE Superstars can get hormones prescribed to them by their doctor. Palumbo went on to reveal WWE Superstars can take human growth hormones if they want as well. “Those are acceptable, you know? A lot of the wrestlers do [use horomones]. It’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

Matt Riviera asked Dave Palumbo once again if Triple H was on a large dose of steroids to which The Game’s nutritionist replied, “no they can’t do it — believe me I’m sure he would love to do it.”

But apparently, it’s okay under WWE’s Wellness Policy to use HGH according to Dave Palumbo who really should know about these things considering the fact he works so closely with the pro wrestling business. This is an interesting piece of information, to say the least, and very well might result in Triple H looking for a new nutritionist sooner than later.


  1. i have been saying this for years hgh its worse than steroids for you the wwe ifull of drugged up scumbags like hhh