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Roman Reigns was suspended in 2016 because he failed a random WWE Wellness Policy test. This meant The Big Dog had to sit on the sidelines for 30-days and miss some action that summer.

But now we find ourselves nearly two years later and that same event is being called into question because filmmaker Jon Bravo is claiming Reigns failed his test due to substances bought from accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez.

Bravo recently sent out an Instagram post which said the substance Reigns failed his test for was a direct result of products bought from Rodriguez and he claims to have the evidence to back it up.

WWE might already be preparing for the worst in this situation and only time will tell if Jon Bravo’s next documentary film could be a kill-shot to topple Reigns and cause a 60-day suspension which could go on to change plans for WrestleMania 34 in a big way.

My platform is not a platform based upon rumors. Everything released or stated is based upon 100% facts that have thoroughly investigated and verified by the appropriate sources. The evidence I have received including the Laptop used by WFN was released in a court proceeding and is 110% genuine. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of those items please contact my attorney or the attorney of Richard Rodriguez with any additional questions. Lastly I would not risk my career or reputation on anything that was not based upon 100% facts. More details to follow. #romanreigns #mark Wahlberg #joshduhamel @tmz_tv @forbes @bostonglobesports @cbssports @nydailynews @esquire @bleacherreport #wwe #prowrestling #bodybuilding #fitness #steroids #filmmaker #reporter #cinematography @mark.whalberg @romanreignsofficial @joshduhamel @musclesportmag @official_rxmuscle @generationironofficial @luimarco @newyorkpost @pagesix @dailymail @wearecultaholic #wwe #wrestlemania #royalrumble #brocklesnar @prowrestlingunlimited @wrestlinginc

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While updating people about his current events making his documentary, Bravo posted a picture of a GNC store saying he was filming a key sequence for the film. It sounds like he has some solid evidence on Roman Reigns and there could be even more pro wrestling names attached to this scandal as well.

Bravo used the hashtag “Brock Lesnar” in this post which is the first time The Beast Incarnate’s name has been brought into this situation so far.

Lesnar was popped for having a masking agent in his system after UFC 200 which is why he is currently suspended from MMA by USADA. He has yet to re-enter the USADA testing pool either even though there are still rumors of a UFC return. But it could be only be a matter of time before Jon Bravo’s documentary series with Richard Rodriguez reveals something else major to this story.

If both Lesnar and Reigns get taken down in one shot, the result could be even worse for Roman because he is a full-time WWE Superstar so he is subject to the WWE Wellness Policy. On the other hand, being a part timer like Brock Lesnar he is not tested but it still won’t look good at all.

It appears WrestleMania could very well be held in the balance because of this story.