roman reigns

This is not a pretty story because the ramifications of such a claim could be rather messy if they turn out to be true. But Richard Rodriguez, an accused and convicted steroid dealer has presented evidence to filmmaker Jonny Bravo which he says proves contact with Roman Reigns was made.

He previously claimed Roman Reigns was one of his clients in a previous video and named other people as well such as Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg. Now it looks like Rodriguez is coming back with evidence this time.

Reigns denied ever hearing of Rodriguez which apparently prompted the incarcerated individual to present Bravo with a laptop full of proof that he not only had dealings with Roman Reigns but he was in contact with other big names as well.

This is a developing story as filmmaker Jonny Bravo continues his investigation on the matter. It should also be noted that this is all alleged at this point. But if some type of contact could be proven between Reigns and the convicted operator of Wellness Fitness Nutrition which was raided by the DEA in February 2017 then things could be bad for the Big Dog.

Reigns was previously popped for a wellness policy violation in the Summer of 2016 for reportedly taking Adderall which can help an athlete focus on their training to an extreme degree. This caused Roman to be suspended for 30 days. But it looks like there could be some hard evidence on the way to prove Reigns might have been taking more than just ADHD medication. But if WWE has to hand down a punishment, it could mean a 60-day suspension for Roman Reigns this time.

It was noted in this short update that some of the substances listed as being sold aren’t meant for human consumption nor are they legal to take anywhere. Rodriguez said this was done in an effort to get past the strict WWE Wellness Policy by using things that will leave the body’s system in a more rapid fashion.

You can check out the video below and judge for yourself, but if more updates can provide clear proof WWE might not have a choice but to act. Let’s all hope for the best though because neither Roman Reigns or WWE need this kind of controversy at this point.