hulk hogan

It’s been a long time since WWE fans have seen Hulk Hogan in the ring. It was rumored the Hulkster would appear at WrestleMania 33, but that didn’t come to pass. Hulk Hogan also recently hinted he’d like to join The Bullet Club in New Japan. However, it looks more likely that the whole Bullet Club line will result in nothing.

To add another twist to the tale, The Observer says Hulk Hogan recently did an autograph signing in Los Angeles and when he was asked about coming back to WWE, Hogan said he and Vince are talking.

Reports are it’s only a matter of time before Hulk Hogan comes back to WWE. All WWE needs is to be certain bringing Hogan back won’t hurt any sponsorship deals. Some are saying Hogan might not be back as soon as people would hope due to the recent Paigegate scandal though.

Hogan has yet to make it back into the official WWE intro aired before each show that flashes images of iconic WWE superstars. If and when he shows back up on the WWE intro it will be a big sign their relationship is close to being back to where it was. But reports still say it’s probably only a matter of time before Hulk Hogan makes a return to WWE in some manner.

Who knows what Hogan is planning at this point? He might just be happy running his Beach Shop and he’s just working us.

Zack Ryder has been out of action for a little while now and we have missed him. Since his absence, Ryder’s Hype Bros tag team partner Mojo Rawley has had a pretty good little run though.

Mojo Rawley changed his ring attire and his persona to a degree since the Hype Bros were put on hold. But for all we know, the Hype Bros might be done for good. Mojo won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 33’s kickoff show. He had some help from a very famous friend and hopefully future WWE superstar Rob Gronkowski too and that was awesome.

It’s being reported that Ryder is back in the ring training for his return in Orlando at the WWE Performance Center. Who knows how this might change the Hype Bros’ dynamic now that Mojo Rawley has seemingly taken off on his own?