When a WWE superstar goes out of action due to injury it can take some time for creative to figure out a way to bring them back. They might show up to every television taping and house show ready to go only to find out they need to wait longer until they can make their return.

Summer Rae has been out of action since August due to injuries but she’s been at the WWE Performance Center getting back into shape. It would seem she’s more than ready for her in-ring return at this point. The Observer says Summer was backstage in Sacramento for Raw but she not used for the show.

WWE creative is a very complicated beast. They’ll have to figure out for something for her to do before she comes back. Maybe it’s a good thing for Summer Rae WWE isn’t wasting her return for just any reason. They might be planning something special for her to do first. So it might be only a matter of time until we get a dose of Summer once again.

WWE has been making strides in taking over every market in the world they can and recently made another big move.

WWE has announced a new highlights television show in Arabic airing on OSN in Dubai. The show will be called “WWE Waiooha.” It was scheduled to start on May 4th. The new show will continue to air on Thursdays at 8 pm. There will also be repeats all weekend. The show features interviews and highlights of weekly WWE television shows with Arabic voiceovers.

This is one more example of how WWE is taking over the planet. WWE recently held a tryout in Dubai and brought in some names that mean a lot to the international fanbase. They’re very good and seemingly know what they’re doing.