There have been rumblings for quite some time Hulk Hogan and The Bullet Club could be friendly. Hulk Hogan and WWE’s relationship might still be a little rocky. He didn’t show up at WrestleMania as some hoped he would. He instead spent his time at Hogan’s Beach Shop across town signing autographs and taking selfies.

It would only make sense if he wants to go back to WWE he might need to go somewhere else first. It’s a tactic that’s worked for many in the past, including Hogan himself.

The Young Bucks posted a picture of Hulk Hogan wearing a Bullet Club t-shirt a couple of months ago. When they posted the picture we theorized all Hogan would need to do is pose in a NJPW ring, and money would fall from the heavens.

Now there is, even more, proof to this rumor. Hulk Hogan has outright said he wants to join New Japan’s popular stable. You can see in the video below that while it might be done out of jest in some respects we can tell he was serious.

In a video from Pro Wrestling Sheet, The Hulkster was asked if he would ever join The Bullet Club. Hulk said he’d love to. He told them he’d be the OG Bullet Club member. Hogan then said he would “teach them boys how to really get corrupt.” It sounded like he said corrupt. It was at a rather noisy autograph signing.

If Hulk Hogan went to New Japan it wouldn’t just be a huge get for the Japanese company. It might just mean an incredible thing for Hulk Hogan’s career as well. He’s still seen as a huge star in Japan. Even if he didn’t wrestle, just having him be a part of an angle would do insane business.

We would love to see Hulk Hogan pose in a WWE ring again. But maybe he’s going to have to take a long way around to get back in WWE’s good graces. Either way, as long as he gets back to WWE eventually it’ll be too sweet.